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About Us

Cash Converters are a family run company which is based in Kildare. We are known throughout the recycling industry which at the heart of our business. Our aim is not only to provide our customer with the best rates in the market, providing an excellent service but also to help our environment. Many of the items we accept would normally go to landfill where they can pollute the soil and air, however all items that we collect are diverted from landfill and are recycled into new products.


Cash Converters are a fully licensed recycling company which is of the utmost importance when disposing of you unwanted items. We ensure that all items we receive are recycled in the proper manner and can offer full tracibility. We have all seen the flyers which come through our door looking for donations however many of these are bogus as they do not have recycling permits or charity number so this is something to keep in mind. These bogus collectors often dump the items they do not want which could then be traced back to you leaving you with a hefty fine or even imprisonment.


We accept items from everyone. Whether you are an individual, club, group, society or charity we are happy to help. Feel free to contact our dedicated team at any time with questions you may have and we will endeavour to answer them as best as we can




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