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School Collections

Why not get all students and teachers involved in our Fundraise for your School Day. This allows students, teacher, parents and all the local community to bring in all their used and unwanted clothes, mobile phones and scrap metal into the school on a set day and we will be on hand to weigh the items. Cash Converters will weigh all items in front of you and organise same day payment. We can take clothes, paired shoes, handbags, belts, Mobile phones, books, ink cartridges and scrap metal. We are sure parents would be only delighted to clear out their presses knowing that the school will benefit. If you already have a clothes bank why not check the rates you are getting as we guarantee to pay you more and we would be happy to design the bank to your schools colours/crest. We would also be delighted to give a talk to your school on the importance of recycling in our day to day lives and how it can help us and others.



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